X Closed Interlocking Pendant


A delicate 18k yellow gold chain combined with two interlocking circles defines this modern pendant.

👑 每個蛋糕均由星級總餅師 Roger Luk 及其星級團隊於觀塘持牌食物製造廠製作,請放心選購。
寫底托上 (+HKD$25)
朱古力牌 (+HKD$35)


加入一對壽桃 (+HKD$120)
1 套餐具 (+HKD$10)
2 套餐具 (+HKD$20)
3 套餐具 (+HKD$30)
4 套餐具 (+HKD$40)
5 套餐具 (+HKD$50)
管制即棄塑膠產品規例即將實施,我們將會轉用紙製環保餐具套裝,每套餐具套裝附有:5 X 紙叉 + 5 X 紙碟,有需要的客人可以加購。
Grand total
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Brand: Atlas

The sleek knife edge profile of this design—a code of the house since the introduction of the Tiffany® Setting engagement ring in 1886—is pushed to a magnified scale for bold visual impact. Wearable emblems inspired by the Roman numerals on the iconic clock at the New York flagship store, the Atlas X collection is a reminder to take time into your own hands and treasure what matters most. Style this adjustable chain with other Tiffany pendants of varying lengths for a look that’s sure to turn heads.

  • 18k yellow gold
  • Circle motifs, 12.9 mm each
  • On a 16-18″ adjustable chain




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